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Why You'll Love Sway

Why It Works

Sway’s main ingredient is organic apple cider vinegar– it fights body odor by restoring and maintaining the natural pH balance of the underarm skin, creating an environment that minimizes the odor-causing bacteria.

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Who Loves Sway?

Almost everyone!

4.8 out of 5 stars (214 reviews)

Fresh and Smooth

"This was my first time trying a natural deodorant and I was very surprised. I have never smelled this amazing. With simple ingredients it caused me to smell fresh into the next day. It also gave me the softest underarms. The charcoal mask did help with the switch."

- Jessica


"By far the best natural deodorant I've ever tried! I've used every drugstore natural deodorant out there, plus ones from direct selling companies and NOTHING has come close to working as well as SWAY. I used to have to apply deodorant up to three times a day if I used a natural one - now I just do it once in the morning."

- Maria

Fan For Life!

"I absolutely love this product! I have tried a couple different brands and this is by far my favorite. I live in Texas where it is super hot in the summer and this deodorant can hold up. And on super hot days I can just freshen up a little with the powder if need be."

- Chelsea

Smelly No More

"I can't tell you enough how amazing this deodorant is. I have tried many other natural deodorants and some have worked for a minute but soon after enjoying them they will no longer work. Not with Sway I have went threw four bottles and it still continues to work. You do still sweat but the funky smells aren't there. I highly recommend this protect. You won't be disappointed."

- Shila

Simple, Clean, PERFECT!

"I have been using Sway since December of 2017 and I keep coming back. I have been looking for a natural deodorant that doesn’t contain baking soda (bad reaction) and that actually keeps me smelling and feeling fresh — Sway is gold!"

- Kayla

Rebecca So

Founder Of SWAY

I decided to create SWAY, after spending hundreds of $$ on all kinds of deodorants that just didn't work.
SWAY is a non-toxic, all-natural and residue free deodorant that actually works.
Try SWAY Today, I promise you won’t be disappointed!