Rebecca So founded SWAY to take the guesswork out of deodorant after struggling for years to find a natural option that actually worked. With literally dozens of brands on the market to choose from, Rebecca had become, by default, a test dummy for the deodorant market, and knew that there had to be a combination of ingredients that would get the job done without harmful chemicals, skin irritation, and clothing stains. So, she got to work! She started experimenting with natural ingredients and, after many attempts, finally found the winning combo. It was an all-natural, exceptionally effective, long-lasting, and zero-residue solution that her friends and family raved about! Today, not only is Rebecca on a mission to elevate underarm care and saving two pits at a time, she has expanded her line to offer total body skincare products using natural and premium ingredients.

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One-Of-A-Kind Deodorant

Not only does SWAY eliminate body odor, it is also a beauty toner that improves the texture and pigmentation of the underarms. In addition, most natural deodorants use starch, wax, and oils as their base, which leaves behind a layer of gunk on the underarms and unsightly residue on the clothes, SWAY’s water-based formula leaves absolutely no residue or stain. SWAY is the only 2-step system on the market that lets you benefit from a powerful deodorant that completely evaporates while achieving a silky-smooth finishing touch. Finally, effective and long-lasting odor protection that’s not only completely residue free but also 100% natural, aluminum-free, vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty free!

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My life is changed. There is no "build up" left on my armpits after a full day of wearing their deodorant. Their masque also took care of the dark stained pits and the lingering smell that I couldn't get rid of. Anytime I smell, I detox my pits.


It took me YEARS to find the perfect "All-Natural" deodorant. Some brands work for a couple hours, and others don't even work at all. SWAY was the perfect solution that lasts beyond hours and can work for days. I even put it to the "Palm Springs" BO test where the temps reach above 100 degrees. I can say without a doubt, it passed. Even in a business suit!


I actually can't believe how well this works. I always thought using a natural deodorant would leave me smelling like I just left the gym. To my surprise and delight, it keeps me smelling fresh all day long - honestly, even longer! I don't even need to reapply the next day. It seriously lasts! I'm so happy I found this product!

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Detox Deodorant

Underarm Detox Masque

Body Powder

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Handmade Premium Body Bar

Glow Gems – Handmade Gemstone Soap Set


SWAY’s newest launch is a line of 100% naturally-derived, vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty free skincare, giving it a boost where it is needed (let’s be real, flowers, plants, and oils alone won’t get rid of those wrinkles!). Combining science and nature, SWAY Skincare utilizes high-efficacy ingredients such as squalane, hemp, peptides, apple stem cells, and CoQ10, to help you see results quickly and efficiently. Just like our deodorant line, our skincare collection smells as delightful as it feels so that customers look forward to their daily rituals.

SWAY founder, Rebecca, believes that an effective daily beauty regimen shouldn’t have to break the bank so all of SWAY’s products, while containing high quality ingredients and housed in gorgeous packaging and displays, are still affordable for the masses. 

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Clean Tonic – Micellar Water with Antioxidants

Solid Glow – Handcrafted Face Soap

Repair Tonic – Rose Hydrating Face Toner

Repair Tonic – Cucumber Balancing Face Toner

Glow Nectar – Vitamin C Day Serum

Youth Nectar – Peptide Night Repair Serum

Glow in a Jar – Squalane 72H Moisture Day Cream

Youth in a Jar – Hemp Wrinkle Repair Night Cream

Essence Mist – Cucumber Instant Hydration Facial Mist

Essence Mist – Rose Instant Hydration Facial Mist


Last but not least, SWAY is the home to fun, unique, and practical accessories like our gorgeous Chique Insulated Water Bottle which comes with a removable strainer for tea or fruit infusions and our uniquely packaged oil-blotting paper, Matte-je-stick. 

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Twist’N Mist – Travel Atomizer for Facial Mist

Matte-je-Stick – Oil Blotting Paper and Refill


Aside from continuing to grow our brand awareness through social media (Instagram with 17K followers) and popup events, we aim to work with our partners in developing the best strategies to maximize sales, including custom retail displays and marketing materials, and to provide the highest return on investment possible. Our goal with every retailer is to provide extraordinary value as we grow our brands together.


SWAY is a beauty and lifestyle brand that was created to showcase our natural beauty and help us shine from the inside, out. Our products are made only with naturally-derived and clean ingredients, and are vegan, gluten-free, and never tested on animals.