There are literally dozens of deodorant brands on the market to choose from, making it hard for people to find the one they love. Many contain chemicals that could be harmful to our health, irritate our skin, or stain our clothes. Then there are the natural ones that simply don't provide any lasting odor protection. That's why at SWAY, we pride ourselves on being an all-natural, exceptionally effective, long-lasting, and zero-residue solution that our customers rave about.

Aluminum and Chemicals Free

SWAY is aluminum-free. While studies are not definitive, concerns have existed that aluminum and parabens in antiperspirants may cause breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. SWAY eliminates those concerns. You can read more about the risk of aluminum here. Aside from being aluminum-free, SWAY is paraben-free and alcohol-free.

Effective and Long-Lasting Protection

Traditional deodorants mostly mask the odor while antiperspirants prevent sweating through the use of chemicals. SWAY is all natural and works by restoring the pH balance of your underarms to inhibit growth of odor-causing bacteria. SWAY also helps exfoliate the dead skin debris that feed the bacteria. Because SWAY gets to the root cause of body odor, it provides exceptionally effective and long-lasting protection. 

Weightless and Clean Feeling

Do you sometimes feel like you have to scrub hard to get rid of the waxy deodorant buildup from your underarms? Many natural deodorants use beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, or other starchy ingredients as the base, which can make them greasy, tacky, or chalky. One of the best features of SWAY is that it feels weightless. In fact, it feels like absolutely NOTHING! And yet it has ingredients that are just good for your skin. Check out our ingredients here.

Residue and Stain Free

How many of your favorite shirts have been ruined because of yellow stains caused by antiperspirants? What’s more embarrassing than finding the underarm areas of your little black dress covered with white residue from your deodorants? Because SWAY is aluminum-free, water-based, and does not contain starchy ingredients, it is absolutely stain-free and residue-free. Check out our videos below to see how SWAY stacks up against other leading natural deodorant brands.




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