Face Roller + Gua Sha Set

Tiger Eye

Face Roller + Gua Sha Set

Tiger Eye


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Roll, massage, sculpt, and stimulate your way to youthful and healthy-looking skin with Sway's luxury face roller and gua sha set. Used in traditional Chinese medicine, facial rolling and Gua Sha have been known to help release facial tension and remove negative energy. In a Japanese study, after ten minutes of rolling, a healthy glow returned to cheeks due to increased blood flow, bringing oxygen to the skin. This powerful duo work together to contour, depuff, soothe, lift the skin, and pair perfectly with a serum or facial oil to improve product absorption.

The spiked head is especially effective by giving you a more intensive facial massage to help with lymph drainage and blood flow.

Key Benefits

  • Helps improve elasticity
  • Reduces puffiness around the eye area
  • Soothes facial muscles from tension
  • Stimulates face meridians to leave skin glowing

Nicknamed "The Shapeshifter," Tiger Eye stone is believed to also manifest self-confidence and inner strength in the user, and to call on the powers of protection. 

HOW TO USE YOUR FACE ROLLER: Use after cleansing, gently roll in an upward motion over face and neck for 5-10 minutes. Can be used on clean skin or after applying skin care products. 


Forehead: Start from the center of the forehead, moving either right or left. Begin at the hairline, rolling slowing towards the ear. 

Nose, Lips and Chin: Using the larger roller, work from the nose toward the ear. Continue with the upper lip, lower lip, and chin. 

Eyes: Using the smaller roller, work the lids and under the eye areas. Continue rolling in from the corner of the eye to the ear, taking extra care in this area. 

Jawline: Starting on the chin, work from the center outward and upward towards the bottom of the ears. 

Neck: Do a sweeping roll under the chin towards the collarbone, working outwards to the side of the neck. 

Clavicle: Start beneath the clavicle in a downward motion, moving from the middle outwards. Above the clavicle, start from the midline and roll outwards. 


HOW TO USE YOUR GUA SHA: Press longer edge against skin and drag with gentle pressure. Can be used on clean skin or after applying skin care products. 


Forehead: Start from the center of the forehead, and sweep out toward your temples. 

Eyes: Slowly and gently stroke the area under where your eye bags typically show. Start from the side of your nose and go out toward your temples. 

Neck: Start from your jaw and earlobe down to the middle of your collarbone. 

Chin: Sweep from the middle of your face, under your lower lip to earlobe. Sweep from the soft are under your chin to the bottom of your ear. 

Cheek: Start from the side of your nose, across your cheek, and up toward the middle of your ear. 

Final Sweep: Collect all the lymph you've moved to the side of the face and dump it to your lymphatic drainage. Sweep from the center of your forehead right under your headline, down to your temple, down to your ear until you reach your neck. Repeat several times.

Face Roller + Gua Sha Set
Face Roller + Gua Sha Set